If this title relates to you in more ways than one, you may need to take some action!

Just kidding! 🙂

Raspberry Pi (also known as RP, followed by the version number – RP2, RP3 – you get the idea)in the IT world is not exactly what may come to mind, especially if you have not seen one before. This great little guy is extremely useful, but unfortunately, it is not as famous as it should be. It is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to all of the desktop computers out there, but if you were to get one, you should have already considered what you will use it about.

Some of its great features include:

  • Use in education
  • Used as a controller for other devices
  • Used as a storage system
  • Used as a web server (hosting)
  • Used as a retro gaming console
  • Used as a home cinema system
    and more…

If you are mostly interested in the last one, please head over to this link for more information.
Currently, in the UK, one of those costs about £35, depending on the accessories you’d like to purchase. We recommend that you definitely get a case – not only does it protect it from dust, but it also looks nice!

What else you will need? Well, a few things:

  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • A HDMI-enabled TV/monitor
  • A micro SD card

Optional extras:

  • A computer

You may be surprised to hear this, but you do not need a computer in order to setup your Pi. If you wanted to, you could purchase it with a pre-configured SD card that contains the Operating System.
The Pi is capable of running a range of Operating Systems – various flavours of Linux, as well as Windows (IoT). You could also use it for coding and programming and create your own project. Here are some examples to get you started:
Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi

Ingredients of the Pi:

    • A LAN adapter
    • A WiFi & Bluetooth adapter
    • A HDMI port
    • 4 x USB2 ports
    • 4 Pole stereo output and composite video port
    • 40-pin extended GPIO
    • Micro SD port
    • Micro USB power port
    • Camera connector
    • Display connector

We’re sure you can think of some uses already! Comment below and let us know!!

Currently, the latest model is Pi 3 and it has some improvements over the older version 2 – CPU, GPU, etc, and it should be able to meet your needs! You can even install a simpler version of Microsoft Windows on it, connect it to a battery pack and have a mobile computer (without the screen).

This is definitely a great solution and is able to improve your productivity! We hope the information above has given you some food for thought! Don’t forget – any questions, please contact us!

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